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A holistic approach to your digital strategy

I love teaching. Just wrapped up a 2 day course in Communications with a Momentum group in Gorey who are participants on the Social Media and Business Skills course with Irish Times Training.

Teaching is a never ending experience of learning. The more I deliver training in Digital Skills the more I realise how Communications is the core principle of the medium. As a student fed back to the group so simply today, “it’s the sending and receiving of information”. This is the greatest challenge for every business. How they can harness the power of digital to disseminate and assimilate information to their staff and then more importantly their audience. It can be so easy to get lost in the complexity and breadth of making your business digitally literate. Although at we have a more holistic approach to your digital strategy. Keeping it Simply Stupid (KISS). As the devil, is in the detail, we pull back and look at the basic premises of what your business needs.

A lot of businesses try to deal with each element with an individual digital strategy. Marketing looking after Social Media, HR looking after training, PR looking after Communications and Admin looking after logistic. It’s a lot simpler than that. We pride ourselves in finding the connections and bringing  together all the facets of your business from a digital perspective. We take your businesses vision and create a digital reality. Once we have got clear on your objectives, we design an outline plan, communicate this to you and your team, suggest what needs to be done and by whom and then instigate a start date whilst monitoring the data that comes in as the project plays out.

Returning to my original point, the key to mastering this is through effective communication. Our greatest challenge is understanding people’s needs. There are four elements to dialogue that can help you overcome this.

  1. Active listening.  This comes by creating  a space, asking the questions that need to be asked and allowing the story to unfold. Truly listening from a point of intent to serve the other. We need to be aware of potential barriers to communication so that we hear the full story.
  2. Respecting. Holding judgement over what is being said to really capture the message that is being given. Remembering that is not a case of different sides, although more so working towards coming to a common understanding.
  3. Suspending. This one for me has always been the most challenging. Letting go of our own ideas and knowledge so that the space is free for the message to be delivered without interruption or distraction.
  4. Voicing. Being clear with our own responses and ensuring that they add value to the communication process.

When we put these steps into action in digital communication we provide an integrated solution to our overall digital strategies. Whether through Inboud Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation or Community Management by throwing away all the other distractions we can understand the needs of others and create realistic goals. The process evolves by studying and understanding the data so that the communication process continues forward.

Like to know more about how we can help you develop your digital communications please contact us on our website.

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admin • June 11, 2015

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